About me

My first passion is God. He makes my world brighter, my days joyful, and my heart tender. Once my spiritual eyes were opened, His presence all around me was undeniable. I’m committed to writing about how I see Him at work in the smallest places, the unlikeliest people, and the most impossible circumstances.  Miracles are happening everywhere. Open your eyes. You’ll be amazed. I hope you enjoy it and return to read about it often. Subscribe to have new God stories emailed directly to you.    I would absolutely love to hear about how God is working in your life so please leave a comment or email me privately  at michelle@michelleathens.com

God blessed me with the perfect husband for me, a grand partner in life, who sharpens my spirit and makes me laugh daily. Not just laugh, but inspires guttural, can’t breathe, pee in my pants giggle fits.    We have three loving children, who share the same birthday, even though they were born years apart. I can’t imagine life any better than when all of us are home together.






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